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It’s always best to err on the side of caution and not exceed these limits. Doing so can put undue stress on your truck’s engine, transmission, suspension, braking system and even the exhaust system, thus leading to costly repairs or even accidents. With that, here are a few other factors that are vastly important to know about when it comes to hauling and towing in any vehicle. The more power and torque the engine produces, the more weight it can handle. However, it’s not just the engine that matters; the transmission is also important. The engine is the heart of your truck and is responsible for providing the power and inertia that’s needed to tow and haul heavy loads.

Jacob Carter, founder of, is a seasoned mechanic with 20 years of experience specializing in brakes and tires. Based in St. George, Utah, Jacob’s expertise fuels his passion for sharing car maintenance and repair tips on his blog. Tow operators use lockout tools like wedge devices, long reach tools, and inflatable air wedges to unlock steering columns if necessary before towing. While not always necessary, these tech upgrades demonstrate how much innovation has improved the towing experience for both operators and vehicle owners. With all four wheels lifted off the ground, a locked transmission is no longer an issue. The tow operator can easily winch the vehicle up the ramps without resistance. Your primary customers will be people who are stuck in emergency vehicle situations, or businesses seeking to tow illegally parked vehicles.

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The suspension is responsible for keeping the truck stable while towing and hauling, while the braking system is obviously responsible for stopping the vehicle. Most cars and crossovers come with Class 1, 2 or 3 hitches, while larger trucks and SUVs can be equipped with Class 3, 4 or 5 hitches. You may also need hazardous materials certifications in the event of a spill on the roadway. While standard towing companies won’t make this a job requirement, it will look great on your resume. Towing companies that specialize in transporting hazardous materials will ask you to have hazardous materials certifications. If you’re ready to launch your towing business, we recommend the truck routing app Route4Trucks to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Need to Tow a Vehicle Without the Keys? Speak to the Harvey’s Towing Team!

The first thing to do is refer to the owner’s manual of your vehicle, which should give you specific numbers regarding how much weight you can tow. Some people agree with the prevalent dependency of bracket system tow trucks, while others prefer hook and chain or flatbed methods. A poorly maintained vehicle is a safety hazard, especially when you add a big, bulky camper into the mix. Follow your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, including changing the air/fuel filters, oil, transmission fluid, and coolant at regular intervals. If you’re planning a long trip, have a professional inspect your vehicle and top up the fluids before you hit the road. It might seem like a costly and unnecessary step, but it’s better than having your vehicle break down mid-route and needing to wait for repairs.

Like anything else, start small, take your time and don’t take shortcuts. Done right, towing in of itself is neither pure fun nor a dreary chore, but is instead a satisfying challenge with a payoff at the end in the form of outdoor fun at a far-off location. We rarely have access to scales when loading, but a few rules apply.

Make sure you distribute the weight of your load evenly, this will help your truck to tow and haul more efficiently. However, it’s important to keep in mind that engine modifications can be expensive, and may also void the truck’s warranty. At PowerStop, we’re committed to bringing you any information that can help make your driving experience better and safer. Hazmat School provides online hazardous waste, hazardous materials, and safety training to fully comply with OSHA and DOT requirements. Having a support network in place to turn to during tough times is a major factor of success for new business owners.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Towing

In this article, we’ll see whether a tow truck driver needs your keys to move your car, and what you can do if you aren’t comfortable handing over your keys. The GVWR is the maximum weight a vehicle can legally carry, including its weight and any passengers or cargo. The GCWR is the maximum weight of both the vehicle and any trailers being towed, taking into account the importance of the tow truck, the load being towed, and any passengers. Failing to choose the right size truck can lead to unsafe and inefficient towing, potentially causing damage to your vehicle and putting you and other road users at risk. Choosing the right size tow truck for your vehicle is crucial for a safe and efficient towing experience. The type of tow truck you invest in will determine what kind of services your business can offer. For example, you won’t be carrying an oversized load with a truck designed to carry standard-sized vehicles.

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Typically, the tow truck operator will manually position the brackets and insert the pins. This process will take him or her a couple of minutes, inclusive of checks. If your car ever breaks down on the road, then short of solving its issues on the spot, you will need your car to be towed to a workshop. Yet, for many car owners, we are oblivious to how towing is done. Properly loading a trailer to maintain a proper tongue weight is paramount, especially when it comes to handling.

These services are especially helpful in handling customer calls, as they provide flexibility, advanced call routing features, and reporting capabilities. Tow truck dispatching is a vital part of the towing industry, connecting stranded motorists with prompt assistance. Lastly, make sure to disengage the parking brake in the towed car so that its rear wheels are able to spin freely.

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