No Plumbing? No Problem! How Porta Potties Save The Day!

Huge festivals with multiple days and hundreds of people run a high risk of portable bathroom rental problems. Of course, you need to schedule a service to empty the portable toilets and clean them overnight in these situations.

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However, in general, you can expect to pay around $200-$300 per month for a porta potty rental, and around $500-$1,000 per month for a restroom trailer rental. Not all of them stink… especially if they are properly used and maintained. With a larger event area, you give yourself more opportunities. The larger size allows you to hold events and plan activities that would otherwise be impossible to do. Holding an event indoors limits the type of activities and the variety of entertainment that can be provided to your guests.

Enjoy Comfort Anywhere With Luxury Restroom Trailer Rental

Restroom trailers are a luxurious and elegant way to provide your guests a way to use the restroom at an outdoor event. Another option with standard portable toilets is opting in for hand washing stations. These foot pump hand washing stations allow users to wash their hands with fresh water and soap, and event dry them with paper towels.

The logistics of renting porta potties, deciphering the range of porta potty rental prices, and understanding what you’re truly getting for your money can be overwhelming. Portable bathroom trailer attendants also provide top-notch customer service. Bathroom attendants check stalls in between uses to ensure each amenity is accessible and functioning properly. This ensures the bathroom line moves steadily and gets individuals back to the event.

What cities/areas in Vermont do we service?

Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. VIP Restrooms provides the latest portable toilet technology, with Nuconcepts impressive portables. You’ll also need to allow for 45-feet of space around your porta potties to account for the space required by the service truck. It’s important to make the access to your porta potties suitable for all attendees from any location in the venue or job site. Locate the areas in your venue with the highest foot traffic volumes, and allocate them for setting up your porta-johns.

Sometimes, projects run longer than anticipated, or events have unexpected delays. It’s always more cost-effective to anticipate these extensions beforehand rather than dealing with last-minute changes.

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