How to Use a Dryer

But now that $240 billion worth of apparel is purchased online each year, it has become a source of epic wastefulness. Customers return an estimated 40% of what they buy online, mostly because of sizing issues. That’s a hassle for shoppers and a costly nightmare for retailers, who now spend billions covering “free” returns. Read more about canvas t shirts Here.

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This can help avoid clutter and leave other spaces around the room for things that need to be hung, such as coats and dresses. “Foldable and smaller items can go in a dresser or even on shelving with baskets (a bookshelf will do!), but keep it tidy,” says McKay. Explore features designed for performance, durability and control. Maytag® washers and dryers let you take control of laundry day with features that let you decide when and how to wash. If you’re feeling ambitious, try a popular Japanese folding technique called KonMari, which simply adds more folds to the final step. For instance, in Step 3 of the classic t-shirt method, fold the shirt in thirds or fourths instead of in half.

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All these considerations can contribute to your motivation and performance alike. If you want to reduce static and wrinkles in your baby’s laundry, you can use a wool dryer ball as a chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets. The natural bleaching action of the sun has a downside when you are line drying your baby’s non-white clothes. Some fabrics require a specific iron temperature or technique, so you should always check the clothing label for any specific ironing instructions. This article is part of Quarter Life, a series about issues affecting those of us in our twenties and thirties. From the challenges of beginning a career and taking care of our mental health, to the excitement of starting a family, adopting a pet or just making friends as an adult.


They will dictate visual direction, website design, and marketing campaigns. They should dictate what you look for in a retail partner or a new hire. For those designing a clothing line from scratch, this is the point where you will decide what type of business you are looking to run. This will help you determine how much time, effort, and funding you will require upfront.

Policies need precision and teeth, which current ones do not always have, and should, ideally, be coordinated. Without more specific targets it will be very difficult to track for compliance purposes.

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