How to Mail Wedding Invitations the Right Way

Wax seals leave a unique imprint that can add a lot to the feel of the invitation while custom stickers give the invitation a smooth finish without the need for additional postage. Traditionally, the man’s full name is written out, with the titles of “Mr.

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This article will teach you to make wedding invitations from start to finish. Work with a Minted design consultant to create custom wedding stationery. Submit information about your vision to receive a quote for the cost, place your order, and your designer will create it, incorporating your feedback along the way until it’s perfect. Worried you’re not good with words, or you don’t know all the proper “rules” for wedding invitation wording? Follow our comprehensive guide, to understand the ins and outs of wedding invitation wording and etiquette.

Factor in save-the-dates ($114) menu cards ($114), programs ($108), thank-you cards ($92) and place cards ($77) for an average grand total of $750 (before postage). Physical invitations often require guests to RSVP via snail mail — a notoriously difficult task to enforce. Meanwhile, digital invitations land directly in your guests’ email inboxes, so they can easily access and respond to invites within one online experience. Since you can send and respond to digital wedding invitations entirely online, there’s no material waste to worry about. You can’t say the same about physical invitations — paper invites can create waste, with paper constituting the single greatest source of municipal waste in the United States. Planning a wedding is notoriously stressful, demanding attention to detail to ensure all aspects of the big day go off without (or, in this case, with) a hitch.

I’m not a big company and I don’t have the fanciest printers or a big staff. That means I’ve been making invites myself by hand that entire time. The bridal party is chosen, the menu selected, and the cake taste-tested.

Envelope Addressing – How to make it clear who is, and who is not invited to your wedding!

That’s a lot of extra deadlines to add into an already-stressful process. This is probably one of the most confusing scenarios for addressing, for me at least.

Also listing your wedding website can be helpful for additional information and direct links to the hotels. The one thing we get asked about time and time again as stationery pros? The way you word your invitations, after all, will give your guests an idea of what they can exp…

Four Ways to Greet Your Wedding Guests

In that case, make sure you are clearly stating to what they are invited. The way your names are written is half dictated by the formality of your event and half your preference. If your wedding is more formal, full names of both bride and groom is traditionally used. You may leave off last names of the bride and/or the groom if you like.

So, they’re listed on separate lines with the woman listed first. Place the reception card (if applicable) face-up on top of the invitation (or tissue paper, if you included it).

Read more about Wedding Invitations Sydney here. Even the most classic weddings have a theme, even if that theme is something simple like the season or type of venue. Pull from the small details that make your wedding design unique to begin laying out your invitations.

How to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes (Like a Pro!)

Wedding invitations to tell your story, and business education to help you write your own. Can your invitation bend slightly over the corner of a table? This establishes that it’s flexible enough to go letter rate instead of parcel rate.

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