How Our Cleaning Services Work

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From day one, you and your employees need cleaning supplies, transportation to and from job sites, and training for specialty equipment. When considering how to start a cleaning business, you might also look into becoming a franchisee of a large cleaning services chain.

Name your new business

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What are the Factors that go into Setting a Cleaning Service Price?

If you have experience cleaning windows or another skilled service, it’s worth considering honing your business focus to your skills and resources. If you’re looking to start a new business with low overhead, the absence of typical operating costs and reliable demand, a cleaning business might be a good choice. As far as insurance, all businesses should have general liability insurance, which protects you and your workers in the event of property damage and bodily harm. Most customers will expect you to provide proof that you have liability insurance before hiring you for a job. Not having any one of these forms of insurance can doom your business in the wrong scenario. Consumer cleaning entails working in people’s homes or residential spaces.

Evaluate How You’re Pricing Your Services

This is in addition to other income taxes you may have to pay, and is twice the rate of employee taxes. That means a self-employed cleaner earning $25/hour owes an extra $1.90 per hour in taxes, compared with an employee earning the same hourly rate. The best business structure for your cleaning business will depend on your company size, risk tolerance, and local business regulations. Before settling on a specific structure, you should talk to a small business lawyer, tax professional, and your local small business administration.

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Generally, the basic services will cost between $0.08 and $0.10 per square foot. Doing a deep clean will be more expensive, going up to $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot. After knowing how long it may take you to clean all rooms, you must determine your baseline average. It will become easier for you to tell clients how long you’re likely to take while handling their cleaning requirements. Getting reasonable estimates makes pricing your house cleaning services better.

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