When and How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

These 13 tricks will help you clean your bathroom quickly. For bedrooms, it usually takes around an hour to clean and put everything in place.

Ahead, you’ll find expert cleaning tips, clever cleaning product recommendations, and more of the best advice straight from the pros. Your choice of approach will of course depend on your personal preferences, available time, lifestyle, and your home’s specific needs. For instance, a family of four will need a different approach than a single person. You may be looking to maintain a clean home versus give it a big overhaul. You may even want to combine some of these approaches to create the method that suits you best.

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That’s not to say you need to clean around the clock to be tidy. It’s more a matter of knowing how often to clean everything in your home, so you can stay ahead of the dirt. When you clean on a schedule, rather than waiting until something looks dirty or is falling apart, it’s easier to do. So, read on to learn what you need to clean every day, week, or month and what only needs attention once a season or even just twice a year.

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Read more about Residential Cleaning Services here. “At this time, refill any products that need to be filled or add it to your grocery list, reorganize cabinets, and make sure they are all wiped clean,” says Stein. Dust or wash blinds or curtains according to their care instructions. Start by removing any items that do not belong in the kitchen, as well as any small appliances, utensils, or dishes that are cluttering your countertops. “Take everything off the countertops, including small appliances, cutting boards, and other items, and store them in their proper place,” suggests Stein. How many times have you opted to throw a big party at your house, only to leave the cleaning for the day before?. Take the time to vacuum the window sills and tracks for your windows. “Don’t forget about those blinds either; feel free to spray them with vinegar and scrub them,” says Peterson.

Next, spray the shower and tubs with cleaner and let it sit for 15 minutes while you disinfect the toilet seats, handles, backs, base, and more. Remember to clean the base of the toilet that is on the floor and all the knobs, too. After that, scrub the inside of the bowl before moving on.

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Lastly, vacuum the floors and mop them for a perfectly clean room. If time allows, scrub the grout with a tough scrub brush and some cleaner before you mop those floors to remove any deep-set-in stains. Stein suggests replacing towels, shower curtains, shower liners, and bath mats before exiting the room. A deep clean means taking a hard look at the parts of your home you often forget even need to be cleaned. It’s important to focus on those hard-to-reach spots that don’t get dusted and vacuumed quite as often. This will be any ledges, high windows, light fixtures and above your cabinets.

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While you’re there, Peterson says to take the proper time to take apart your couches and vacuum underneath the cushions. “Take the furniture attachments that come with your vacuum to remove dust from the surface and ensure you get every cushion,” says Peterson. “That’s what differentiates professional cleaning from regular tidying up,” she adds.

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