What Is WiFi Marketing & How To Use It For Your Benefits

And the best part is that once configured, messages will be sent automatically when a customer meets the message criteria. Furthermore, Tanaza features the “Push Notifications” API, that allows you to configure Tanaza in order for it to send  the complete list of clients logging into a network to any third party system. In crowded venues like shopping malls or during events, public WiFi is the best way to quickly generate hundreds of contacts for a client company and increase the awareness around their brand. Easily track your store’s busiest hours on both a weekly and daily basis. Emily is a Content Specialist at Lightspeed, where she brings her passion, knowledge, and expertise to give you helpful tips on how to take your retail business to the next level. When she’s not behind the keyboard, Emily can be found thrifting, getting iced lattes at local cafes or endlessly scrolling through TikTok.

WiFi marketing also provides an invaluable opportunity to build an audience. You’ll capture active customer contact information, including email addresses which is excellent for building an engaged and active email list.

We provide the tools for you to capitalize on all the data you collect from guests, to build loyalty, increase profitability and automate your processes. Read more about wifi network email harvesting here. Well, if you’re looking for an effective way to advertise your business then perhaps it’s time to consider using WiFi marketing. Offering free WiFi isn’t just for coffee shops and hotels anymore.

WiFi Marketing

Our users have seen tremendous results in a variety of industries, including food & beverage, automotive services, furniture sales, churches, and museums. But that’s not to say wifi marketing wouldn’t be successful across many other industries. This contact information is then stored for future use in promotional or marketing campaigns. And, importantly, system owners will never have to give out a wifi password again. A wifi marketing system is an easy, passive way to collect a wide variety of data and contact information about your customers. As we will cover in this post, in order for a customer to log onto a wifi marketing system, they are required to provide an email address, social media contact or other contact information.

With TP-Link captive portal functions, you can boost your online business through guest WiFi with Voucher and other flexible authentication options. It has become a standard feature in many companies where there are visitors, such as a hotel, a restaurant, a store, a café, a shopping mall, and other locations that offer free WiFi.


The only way to target customers after 2023 is to have your own first-party data. When the customer leaves after visiting your location, the system will wait a preconfigured amount of time and then send the customer a message asking them to give you a rating from one-half to five stars. With an advanced WiFi customer experience platform, it becomes possible to begin improving your online customer ratings immediately.

Case Study: Enhancing Electric Utilities with Mobile Messaging

View real-time activity of WiFi guests including social user data, time spent and more. WiFi marketing can dramatically improve the ability of companies to understand and influence their customers. The corporate brand becomes more important and more engaging because companies can communicate more efficiently and more specifically with them as individuals. Aggregate, real-time data across all customer touchpoints combine to deliver optimal personalized customer experiences. Send targeted and personalized messages that resonate with your customers. Create accurate customer personas, segment your audience and send the most relevant content.

And since we constantly rely on our phones to deliver on our every whim, everyone—including businesses—needs to adapt to and use this cultural shift to our advantage. From Glasgow to New York, Chalkboard has supported businesses from a wide array of sectors to make their mark online. Obtain granular reports on shopper behavior, tenant performance, and marketing initiatives to enrich shopper experiences and drive tenant success. Explore insights into student behavior, campus operations, and asset utilization to enhance learning environments and overall institutional performance. Alexandra Sheehan is a freelance writer/editor and content specialist.

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