Roadside Assistance: Coverage, Availability, and How Much You Should Expect to Pay

And if you typically only drive short distances, dealing with car trouble if it happens may not be a major inconvenience. There’s no legal requirement to have roadside assistance insurance, as there is in most states with regular car insurance. Roadside assistance coverage that’s provided as part of a car manufacturer’s warranty typically lasts for a certain time period or a certain number of miles. When the trailer carrying Alison Ilg’s kayak and windsurfing equipment blew a tire near Fort Myers, Florida, recently, she made two calls – one to AAA and another to Road Rangers Service Patrol. AAA wanted $100 to respond, but the Road Rangers arrived at the scene quickly. AAA eventually refunded Raabe for the tow, but the experience left him disenchanted.

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Roadside Assistance Benefits and Services

“They knew exactly what kind of car I had – a Toyota Corolla – and they were there within a half-hour to fix the tire,” says Czink, a consultant and tour guide. “The road ranger was great,” says Ilg, a PR consultant from Atlanta. “He set up cones and helped my husband change the tire. He also had all the tools needed.” “Roadside assistance is not always something drivers think about before they go on vacation,” says Joan Trach, chief operating officer of Allstate Roadside. On an unusually cool summer morning, I pushed the start on my Honda CR-V and heard a faint buzzing sound, followed by silence. Moments before you’re supposed to leave for vacation, you try to start your car – and it won’t.

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It is important to understand what roadside assistance coverage you have and how the claims process works. Car rental companies and sharing services also include roadside assistance. For example, if you’re renting a motor home through RVshare, roadside assistance is included with the vehicle. RVshare has a partnership with Questx Tow Network to ensure all its renters get help with towing, tire issues, battery problems and lockouts.

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The more frequently you drive, the more likely your car will break down. In this case, you need roadside assistance more than someone who drives less often. Expert roadside assistants are usually qualified mechanics who can resolve minor automotive issues right there on the roadside. If the reason for your breakdown is more complex, a roadside assistant will likely tow you to a dealership or garage. You’ll be back on track as quickly as possible and removed from what could be a vulnerable situation.

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