How to Start Your Own Event Planning Business: 8 Steps to Success

Recent statistics from Enterprise Event Marketing show that even technology can increase productivity by 27%, increase attendance by 20%, and decrease costs by 20-30%. But that kind of impact can only happen with smart investments in the right technologies. Legal – Especially for larger events, you may want legal help on retainer to help you navigate when questions or tricky situations pop up. While there are several nuances to this when you dive deep into the rabbit hole, there are some simple foundational rules to follow when creating your content. Use this free Event Plan Template for Excel to manage your projects better.

We need to be flexible and adaptable, ready to come up with quick solutions to any problems that might arise. After sorting out the venue and logistics, we move on to developing the program. We need to decide what will happen at the event, when it will happen, and who will be involved. In addition to selecting the venue, we need to handle the logistics. This includes negotiating contracts, obtaining necessary permits, and arranging for equipment and supplies. A successful corporate event is both immersive and educational, according to Worley.

The final stages of the event are usually post-event activities. In the closeout stages, event organizers can clear outstanding vendor payments, collect event data, and ask for attendees’ feedback. This stage is about closing up shop and calculating how successful your entire event planning process was. This is the ideal time to nurture the connections you’ve made to improve business or keep attendees engaged enough for future events.

After identifying and ordering your tasks, the next order of business is to set milestones for you and your team. Milestones are the easiest way for you to identify your project progress and how far along you are in your plan. With project tracking software and deadlines set, you also have less chance of forgetting to complete any task. You might have the best decoration ideas along with a lavish refreshment plan, but it’s of no use if your client doesn’t have the budget for that. Similarly, other factors like the nature of the event, number of guests, and purpose play an important role when you are deciding these things. Businesses and agencies need to make sure that everything is perfect and goes according to the plan because of the high stakes.

We are passionate about helping our customers create memorable experiences that bring people together. Create event-specific hashtags for guests to use when posting photos to various social media channels. This will enable you to monitor how engaged attendees were and has the added benefit of promoting your services to those guests’ social media networks. Maybe you’re pondering just how to stay sane as an event planning entrepreneur. Any good events management company is highly customer-centric, paying close attention to customer satisfaction and ensuring that clients are satisfied. They work with your preferences and schedule to meet your goals. Attendee engagement is essential before, during, and after the event.

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For organizations that rely on an ecosystem of tools, Eventtia offers seamless integration capabilities. Whether you’re looking to connect it with your CRM system, email marketing platforms, or even social media channels, Eventtia ensures harmonious interoperability.

A great destination choice can increase attendance by as much as 80% according to a recent study! It also has huge implications for the success of the content delivery and overall attendee engagement. One of these personas was the be-wellster, the type of attendee who is very focused on health and holistic wellbeing. For this persona, the Experient team planned runs, yoga sessions, healthy meals, and even breakout time for in-session meditation. For a normal event, most of your money is going to go toward the venue rental, food and beverage costs, and A/V needs. Just check out the infographic below that we put together using exclusive survey data collected by Social Tables.

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