How To Measure Kitchen For Remodeling Planning Guides

In your home, you might find it a bit cold, and any dents will show readily. That list of projects is nearly the definition of a “rip-and-replace” project, so good news there. As for installation, the method depends greatly on the material you select. Options like laminate are DIY-friendly, but materials like granite are more complicated to install, so keep this detail in mind when making your selection. Be sure to factor in some time for clean-up at this stage, because drywall dust is unrelenting. You’ll want to be rid of it before moving on (a shop vacuum is your best bet for this job).

We think the more you know going into it, the better you will appreciate the entire process and the team you have partnered with to enrich your experience in a new kitchen. The last step of a kitchen remodeling project will involve a detailed and thorough cleaning.

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An island provides plenty of storage in this kitchen designed by AD PRO Directory–listed Jenn Feldman Designs. Visuals can be a useful for making more informed stylistic choices like cupboard colors and countertop materials, too, but you’re also likely to discover more technical nuts and bolts inspiration. In a space that’s so utility-driven, it can be difficult to open your mind and figure out how to put your own spin on the interior design while still accounting for everything you truly need. Some homeowners start a kitchen remodel by shopping for appliances. Others start collecting inspirational photos and color swatches. And still others begin by envisioning alternative floor plans and layouts.

How to Live in Your House During a Kitchen Remodel

In some cases, this stage can be as simple as moving framing in the walls around a new center island. In large remodel projects, this might mean moving plumbing fixtures feet away from where they originally sat or adding square footage to the space by pouring new concrete for an expansion. I for one think this should be more of a guideline than a rule, as I totally ignored it in our kitchen and couldn’t be happier (if we’re being nitpicky, I have the skinniest work triangle ever). If you don’t mind a bit of a learning curve, SketchUp is amazing for planning anything in your home—and it’s completely free!

Clearly Define Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

For example, keep coffee mugs, coffee grounds, and all your java essentials near the coffee machine. Now it is time to sit back and celebrate your beautiful new kitchen. Pour yourself a glass of wine or cook a favorite meal for friends. No matter how much you handled alone or hired a professional contractor to do, you now have a beautiful place to make memories and enjoy.

If necessary, contact a skilled professional for advice or help. Next in the kitchen remodel sequence is the completion of rough-in work including any framing and plumbing. Think of this step as anything having to do with walls or what goes inside of the walls.

If you’re sticking with the same structure as your old kitchen, you might not have to do anything for this step. Simply take the time to wipe down your old ones with a good cleaner and seal any existing cracks around the windows with caulking to help insulate more effectively. One of the easiest ways to boost the value of any home is a kitchen remodel. But what exactly does that entail and what should one expect to see happen? If you intend to DIY aspects of the remodel then understanding the process takes on additional importance. Even when going solo, you still need to call in help for professional services such as plumbing. Now Mrs. Heggeman’s kitchen on the other hand was taken all the way back to the bare studs.

The electricians need access to the electrical panel and attic space. The plumbers need to access the water shutoff and crawlspace.

Is Re-facing a Smart Option When On A Tight Budget?

Now when you’re choosing a sink you also need to choose your faucet at the same time because it will determine a lot to do with the style of the sink that you pick out. Read more about Quartz countertop here. And you may choose one that’s made of granite, one that’s cast iron, or a lot of people still love the old-fashioned stainless steel sink.

Think about the kitchen’s style, and select what would be an excellent fit for your household. Take advantage of the classic work triangle wherever possible. Start early and be proactive with bringing in professionals.

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