China calls Taiwan’s 2024 election a choice between peace and war Here’s what to know.

Leftists who worried that these tendencies would alienate major segments of the working class were branded as reactionaries and bedfellows of the populist right. But left critics of progressivism had been perceptive about the changes that had unfolded since the days when activists chanted, “We are the 99 percent.” Following the chaotic events of 2020, progressive optimism fell prey to a downright misanthropic outlook.

The efficiency and quick turnaround time observed with EVMs become particularly crucial when they are used for larger populations. The scale of the recently held general election in India bears testimony to how EVM technology addresses electoral fraud and simplify the electoral procedure. The election witnessed a historic 67 percent voter turnout from nearly 900 million registered voters across 542 parliamentary constituencies.

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The ability of vulnerable citizens (illiterates, women, scheduled castes and tribes, handicapped, and the elderly) to cast their votes is hampered under the paper ballot system. Read more about M&E here. In a country where a significant portion of the marginalized population is illiterate or uneducated, interpretation of paper ballot signatures or thumb impressions to determine the validity of votes is left at the discretion of election officers. EVM technology ensures that these groups not only participate in elections, but that their votes also properly counted. Under the paper ballot system, polling booths would often be captured and ballot boxes would be stuffed, resulting in an unusually high voter turnout.


Adani, one of India’s richest and most powerful businessmen who is seen to enjoy strong ties to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is expected to complete the estimated $3 billion project over the next seven years, the people said. Last year, the billionaire said he intends to turn Dharavi into a modern hub and support the small industries based there. Beside the China tensions, domestic issues dominated the campaign, particularly an economy that was estimated to have grown just 1.4% last year. That partly reflects inevitable cycles in demand for computer chips and other exports from the high-tech, heavily trade-dependent manufacturing base, and a slowing of the Chinese economy. A third candidate in the race, Ko Wen-je of the smaller Taiwan People’s Party, or TPP, had drawn the support particularly of young people wanting an alternative to the KMT and DPP, Taiwan’s traditional opposing parties, which have largely taken turns governing since the 1990s. Ko also stated he wanted to speak with Beijing, and that his bottom line would be that Taiwan needs to remain democratic and free. For the most part, American progressives’ networks became inextricable from the foundations, nonprofits, and other civil-society organizations that already constituted the Democrats’ “shadow party,” as John Judis and Ruy Teixeira call it.

How to Transform US Politics—and How Not To

And even if a team isn’t planning on using AI this cycle, some panelists said that it’s important to have conversations now about how it will be used in workflow and team structures. As the technology progresses, campaigns in the future may be able to use private models to parse through data it collects to inform its messaging. “The United States is already the world’s most divided and dysfunctional advanced industrial democracy. The 2024 election will exacerbate this problem no matter who wins,” it said.

Eight West African countries have had military coups since 2020, including Niger and Gabon in 2023. Climate change, disrupted grain supplies from the Ukraine war, and increasing attention from China and Russia are among the forces reshaping Africa, the world’s fastest-growing continent. The vote may be postponed amid plummeting relations with Taliban-controlled neighbor Afghanistan and deadly attacks on Pakistani security forces.

Smith reached out to international journalists to promote stories, circulated the candidates’ names on social media and regularly spoke to news outlets about the Gambian election. By using many forms of marketing-suitable media, including advertising and press releases, the general goal of political consultants is to make voters aware of their candidates’ party platform. Vanguard’s founders want to make sure more leaders like Barrow can have a shot at power. The group hopes its successful campaign in Gambia will be a blueprint for working in other countries where fledgling democratic movements need a boost. Progressives also duplicated the interest-group politics of the Democratic Party while amplifying its most counterproductive aspects. To the consternation of those left populists who dreamed of a labor-centric movement in the wake of Occupy Wall Street, the tendency committed to causes such as “dismantling white supremacy” and “decolonization” became increasingly unbounded in its prosecutorial zeal. A preoccupation with elite recognition of marginalized communities, often expressed through novel demands expressed in esoteric jargon, perpetually overshadowed questions of political economy and universal social rights.

Who is running in Taiwan’s election?

At the same time, Zhao said, many in China worry that U.S. policy toward Taiwan is shifting, and the chances of “reunification” by peaceful means are further waning as a result. The big concern — and a reason why the continuity vote is a problem for Beijing — is that the number of people in Taiwan who identify as Chinese is shrinking, according to multiple polls in recent years. Lai took 40% of the vote, with others in the three-way competition snagging significant percentages and Lai’s party losing control of parliament. Shortly after Lai’s victory speech on Saturday night, the Chinese government’s Taiwan Affairs Office issued a statement. “Our stance on resolving the Taiwan question and realizing national reunification remains consistent, and our determination is as firm as rock,” it said. “I never try to second guess voters. I just try to develop systems to find out what people are saying. And we are always surprised and humbled by the new information that comes from listening.”

In the Investigo Strategy & Consulting Search practice we’ve assisted a pattern of consultancies seeking non-consultants to join their ranks. Some say the optics of Gambians thanking Americans for an election result is potentially problematic. Steve McDonald, a global fellow at the Wilson Center in Washington, says Vanguard is playing it “straight,” and its nonprofit status shields it from some of the criticism directed at paid consultants. But, he says, “It’s an edge you need to walk very carefully…. Whether justified or not, a link to a U.S. firm that is helping [a candidate] could indeed be used as a negative.” Adani’s team are aware they will have to win trust of residents and may face violent protests while conducting the survey, which will determine who is eligible for new apartments and commercial spaces, the people said. Adani is also locked in a legal battle in the Bombay High Court with a Dubai-based consortium of developers and investors called SecLink Technologies Corp., which won a 2018 bid to revamp Dharavi. That tender was later canned and reissued by the state government of Maharashtra, which counts Mumbai as its capital and holds a 20% stake in the Adani-controlled entity pursuing the project.

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